Attention Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to know what to do to deal with the changes going on all around us right now...

"Harness the Energy of the 2012 Shift"

Discover how you can release your Karma, open your Chakras,
activate your Kundalini and open your Third Eye to deal with
the Ongoing Effects of the 2012 Energetic, Psychic and Social Revolution

Dear Spiritual Friend,

For the last 90 years the chakras of society have been opening one by one. The throat chakra is now open, and as more and more information is pouring into people’s minds eventually something will POP.

The next chakra to open will be the 3rd eye. When this happens there will be a divide between those who can see through the veil of illusion and those who get caught up in the delusion.

You would have to have been living in a cupboard not to notice the changes in the world. Whether or not they are due to inside or outside circumstances, learning how to ride the waves of change has never been more important than right now.

Those who are ready will find it easy and those who are not will be left behind and struggle. The energy shifts will raise challenges for everyone and the only way to ride out the storm is to learn what these energy waves mean for you and how to harness them.

A lot of people are finding things difficult right now. But some are doing really well and are riding out the storm, staying optimistic and calm. Whereas some find their ships battered by this stormy new energy, others find those energy winds filling their sails so they are racing to their goals and dreams.

What is the difference and how can you make sure your ship comes safe home to port?

Find out how YOU can harness the energy waves of 2012

In my recent popular free videos and teleclasses,  I shared with you how the chakras of society are opening and activating. You now know that the 3rd eye is the next to open. When this does, the veil of illusion will fall. But not everyone will be ready to handle this. Seeing the world as it truly is requires you to have an invincible inner strength and knowing, being fully grounded and able to master the material world and physical reality has never been more important.

Those who are not grounded fully in the physical will get caught up in the illusion.

Signs you are not ready for the 2012 shift

You have problems with money, relationships and health
You experience chaos in one or more area of your life and are powerless to do anything about it (this is a sign you have too much feminine energy)
You find yourself being controlled by others (boss, partner, parents or peers)
You experience self sabotage. You set your intent to achieve something but somehow something always stops you, and it doesn’t always feel like it’s you
You are surrounded by negative people who bring you down
You feel a strong urge to make changes in the world but somehow don’t seem able to make that happen

With so many of you telling me that you are being faced with problems like those above right now, it's quite clear that you want MORE information on the 2012 energy shift, MORE support to engage with it, MORE opportunity to work out exactly what it means for you, and you want it NOW!

You're quite right, of course. Now IS the perfect time to be working with these concepts and this energy. Now is the time to be making decisions and choosing how you want to prepare yourself for the shift that's coming. If you don't do this now, you run the risk of it being too late to think everything through, to make your optimal plans and to start putting them into action.

What NOT to do to get ready

In the 20 years of studying and teaching human evolution I’ve learnt a thing or too. And some of the things that many people are preaching that we need to do to get ready are, quite frankly, WRONG!

In many cases spiritual teachers are preaching the exact opposite of what you need to do to get ready. Here’s what they are saying...

Positive thinking is all you need to do. This is like putting a “happy smiley sticker” on the flashing oil gauge on your car and turning up the radio loudly so you can’t hear the engine screaming for oil. Positive thinking is just the same. This is what I mean by getting caught up in the veil of illusion. Illusion will become delusion. I’ll show you exactly what you do need to do to get ready.
Meditating on the light will help you get ready. Yes meditating is important, but it’s not the ONLY thing.
There will be a mass ascension and all you need to do is show up with a candle, a smile and happy thought (and a Tibetan bowl for good measure) and you’ll ascend with the masses. NO NO NO! This is another way people will get caught up in the illusion (delusion).
If you simply focus on the light you’ll be fine. Again this is another way that people will get caught up in the illusion.

If it was simple, everyone would feel prepared for the 2012 shift

The reality is, though, that it’s not simple. People are concerned about the 2012 shift, and how it’s going to affect them personally, their families, the people in their country, and people all over the world.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve studied and know the laws of the universe. I understand how individuals are evolving and how and why society is changing. I know what the 2012 shift is going to bring (and when)  – and I know how you can prepare yourself to harness the shift’s energy and find your true and unique fulfilment, from personal relationships to wealth and abundance.

I want to share with you the knowledge I’ve developed throughout the years – not only from my own experience, but from helping others as well.

"Able to see the future ahead"

"People are amazed by the changes I’ve made. I AM COMPLETELY RELAXED, in control, the headaches have all gone, so has the fear, it’s as if the mist has gone and I am now able to see the future ahead.

I've met my WONDERFUL spirit guide, who has enabled me to become the person I’ve always wanted to be! She has enabled me to help others in ways that I would never have imagined."

Stuart Boulter


"The doubts and fears are no longer there"

"Absolutely wonderful. This course helped me to identify certain issues and resolve them. I learnt a lot about myself. The doubts/ concerns/ fears I had at the start are no longer there and if they re-appear or new ones pop up I will know how to deal with them. I was very pleased. A must for all of those who would like to know themselves better and the choices, decisions, thoughts they make and have and why."

Grace Harrison


Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Lisa TurnerFor more than 20 years, I have studied personal and spiritual development and internal energy. For the past 6, I’ve run Psycademy, an online resource for spiritual practitioners. Before that, I suffered major trauma from significant psychological abuse – and I learned to completely heal myself by finding the core of my spirituality and understanding how to turn any painful situation into a tool for growth and a power for good.

I earned my PhD in science and transitioned to a career as a full-time spiritual development teacher about 8 years ago, and have a 95% success rate with my clients. To make that concrete, it means that clients seeking my help for money problems increased their income by a factor of 10.

Over time I've developed the right tools and techniques
for finding your core spirituality

I’m a groundbreaker in my field – I was using and teaching the scientific principles for spiritual growth and manifesting 5 years before "The Secret" and other books about cosmic ordering came out.

And I don't just work to find your spirituality... I help you to hone it in a way that gains momentum toward the life you want and deserve to live.

Richard White"Profound effect"

"Lisa Turner is an amazing woman and someone I admire greatly. I have taken her personal breakthrough session which had a profound effect on me. I did not realise how much baggage I was carrying!! Today I attended the Lightworker Activation training which is an amazing day and had a deep impact on all that attended. If you are on a spiritual journey then you need to speak to Lisa"

Richard White - Sales & Marketing Coach - The Accidental Salesman®


Kim Searle"Spiritual way of being"

"Lisa’s practical and pragmatic approach to a spiritual way of being, met with my own logical and rational ways of being. Using her previous life as a technical engineer to explain how it works, she weaves in key elements of NLP (responsibility, cause and effect & perception is projection) to demonstrate how we create much of what we experience."

Kim Searle - Relish People


Now I want to share all these tools and techniques with you

If you’re not completely happy with your life – if you know something just isn’t right but can’t put your finger on it – then chances are, you’re resisting your own brilliance, whether it’s conscious or subconscious. Whether old hurts are keeping you from living your life exactly as you want to, or you just can’t seem to get out of a rut, I’m going to help you move forward.

That's why I’m offering this 5 module home study course:

"Harness the Energy of the 2012 Shift"

So let me ask you... What difference would it make to your life now, and in the future, if you were able to...

Release yourself once and for all from karmic patterns and stop having the same bad relationships over and over again.
Balance masculine and feminine energy, eliminating chaos and striking the right balance so you have the most efficient system with which to burn the fuel.
Understand when each of the chakras of the unified field will be open and connected so you are ready for the changes BEFORE they happen.
Completely clean, seal and heal your aura, removing any energy leaks or breaches.
Break free of the dichotomy of good and evil so you can live in Good.
Awaken your Kundalini energy - said to be one of the primary reasons we are here on this earth.
Expand your awareness and consciousness and become fully AWAKE.
See the future, visions, auras and the movement of energy by becoming clairvoyant.
Hear the voice of your spirit guides by becoming clairaudient.
Open your third eye now and see the world as it truly is.
Avoid the number one mistake that most people make when trying to develop psychic abilities.
And much more…


Here's what you'll learn from the 4 audio modules plus the DVD...

Module 1. Clear Your Karma

In this module we'll start by healing and repairing your psychic circuitry ready for 2012. You'll discover how to:

Release yourself from karmic patterns.
Develop witness consciousness.
Find and release your limiting beliefs such as "I’m not good enough" or "I’m not worthy".
Completely clean, seal and heal your aura removing any energy leaks or breaches.
Recognise how karmic patterns are set up and how to break them for good.
Stop having the same bad relationship (with different people).

Plus... discover the number one mistake that most people make when trying to develop psychic abilities, that actually shuts down your senses and takes away your ability to control.


Module 2. Open Your Chakras

In this module you will learn how to open your chakras using powerful energy activation processes. You'll learn:

A potent energy exercise that is normally only taught on my high level programmes. (Note: It’s NOT visualization – if it were that simple we’d all be levitating right?) Open Your Chakras
How to balance masculine and feminine energy.
How to eliminate chaos and get control.
How to let go and go with the flow while still getting what you want.
The essentials about balancing the polarities.
How to break free of the dichotomy of good and evil so you can live in GOOD.

Above light and dark is LIGHT. This is what makes a true Lightworker as opposed to one who talks the talk.


Module 3. ESP – Essential Sensory Perception

ESP - Essential Sensory PerceptionThe third eye is the next chakra that society will open (it’s started already). As society's third eye opens, people will see the world as it truly is.

In this module you will learn the most sophisticated techniques for opening your third eye. Doing this now will enable you to stay a step ahead of the game.

You will discover how to:

Become clairvoyant, see visions and auras, see the movement of energy.
See disturbances and problems in other people's energy systems.
Become clairaudient, hear the voice of your spirit guides.
Experience clairsentience.
Become a High Level Psychic. Most psychics are unconscious psychics. That means they only see the future as it is being created NOW. A high level psychic sees all possible futures and can then choose which one to  LIVE in.
Discover advanced psychometry techniques – receive information from objects and places.
Increase the sensitivity of all of your senses.
Feel, hear, see and perceive spirit.
Expand your awareness and consciousness so that you can become fully AWAKE.


Module 4. Activate Your Kundalini

Activate Your KunduliniKundalini is a very powerful energy which lies dormant in a gland at the root chakra, at the base of the spine. Kundalini means ‘coiled energy’ or ‘coiled serpent’ and is often represented as a snake coiled up tightly at the base of the spine.

Many people are aware of it, some are frightened by it, some are in awe of it… and some just want to experience it!

It is said that awakening Kundalini energy is one of the primary reasons we are here on this earth and it may well be so.

In this module you will:

Find out how to avoid the dangers of activating Kundalini energy before your body is ready.
Learn a simple technique to open and balance the channels in your body to get it ready for safe Kundalini activation.
Discover what Kundalini energy actually is and how to activate it safely.

Note: There is no guarantee that this will happen as it depends on your personal level of awakening. However you definitely WON'T activate it if you don’t participate. This process activates the kunda’ in a significant number of students.


Module 5. Integrity of Energy

ESP - Essential Sensory PerceptionThe "Integrity of Energy" DVD contains my Proven STEP-BY-STEP formula for releasing emotional trauma, energy blocks and limitations FOR GOOD.

Most people have no idea of the amount of baggage they are carrying, let alone how to deal with it effectively. We live in a world where we have medicated ourselves numb with distractions like TV, food, drink and even over-the-counter drugs.

Most people suppress their emotions, or express them by crying or shouting. Neither of these releases them.

Using this DVD you will be guided through the Psycademy Emotional Release Technique (Higher Self Therapy):

The most powerful emotional release technique on the planet. Your inner pain will be removed, for good. You won’t’ just «feel a bit better» or «work through them» or «understand them». Your negative emotions, pain and trauma will be gone, gone, GONE!
Understand exactly why numbing-out was necessary and how you can safely increase awareness of your inner pain. You will go at your pace, and only to the level you feel comfortable.
Learn how your mind creates your reality and how to generate an invincible inner mindset.
Identify and remove negative programming and limiting beliefs like «I’m not good enough» or «I’m not worthy» or «I can’t….»
Become whole again. Integrate all the fragmented bits of yourself.

Here's how it works...

1. The 4 audio modules and worksheets. Each audio is 90 minutes long. I recommend that you listen to them in the right order and take your time to go through the corresponding worksheet and do the 'homework' before listening to the next module. The call recordings will be immediately available to you as mp3 downloads via the "Harness the Energy" forum as soon as you place your order and the CD versions will be shipped to you straight away along with the workbooks and DVD.

2. The 'Integrity of Energy' DVD. Using this DVD you will be guided through the Psycademy Emotional Release Technique (Higher Self Therapy) which is the absolute best way to begin your preparations for the 2012 Energy Shift. This technique will enable you to release all your painful emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, hurt and guilt and also your limiting beliefs. Even if you've tried emotional release techniques before, this one goes deeper and is more powerful than any other I, or any of my students, have ever experienced. The DVD will be shipped to you straight away along with the workbooks and the CDs.

3. Questions and feedback. There's lots of opportunity for questions and feedback on how you are doing as you work through the course. In the forum you can ask questions or you can just share your experiences, as will others. I actively encourage a lot of interactivity on the forums and they are a great place to get support and feedback.


So what's the price for all this amazing information?
You're thinking this is going to be expensive, right? Wrong!

The truth is that I'm pressingly aware of how vitally important this information is right now. I want to get it into the hands of those who need it, want it and, most importantly, will put it to good and powerful use. So I've decided I must price this at an affordable level to make sure the word doesn't just get out, but it gets actioned on too.

That said, the very fact that this set of information, insights and techniques is not available anywhere else, and that it is so hugely important, means I'm not going to give it away for a silly price. That would just be undermining the value of the whole process. It's as significant to you as it is to me that you appreciate the value of what you're about to learn.

It's actually quite difficult to put a price on a course like this because the content gives you the ability to experience things that money can't normally buy. How do you put a value on peace of mind, increased energy, happier relationships, a more whole existence?

So after much deliberation, I'm not going to ask the earth. I'm not even going to ask thousands. The price of this 'Harness the Energy of the 2012 Shift' course is a fair and simple £297.

(If you're not in the UK, that's approximately US$398)

PLUS... I'm going to throw in ALL these FREE bonuses for you too!

Special Bonus #1: Two months membership in the Spiritual Entrepreneur Mastermind, an online community dedicated to your spiritual development, personal evolution and success. (Value £94)
  • Stay on the path of your spiritual growth
  • Experience a supportive environment so you’re free to be and express your true self
  • Learn the latest cutting edge spiritual, emotional and mindset concepts.
  • Constantly and safely expand and grow – and have a great time doing it!
  • Find greater material success based on spiritual principles.

As a member, you’ll receive:

Access to a private members online discussion forum.
Monthly live group coaching sessions and phone-in Q&A clinics.
Selected discounts for live trainings and events.
A link to my energy web for your support, protection and growth.


Special Bonus #2: Four of my most popular Masterclasses for you to download. Approx 4 hours of AUDIO Training and Inspiration. (Value £188)

Masterclass #1: Manifesting EnergyManifesting Energy

Everything you manifest in your life - the good, the bad and the ugly - is created from and with energy. Keeping these things in your life takes energy too. So if you want to attract positive people, clients, experiences and circumstances, then maintaining your personal energy field is essential.

This audio shows you how to:

  • Increase your personal presence, power and charisma
  • Stop 'energy vampires' draining your energy
  • Increase energy for manifesting AND keeping the things you want
  • Identify any energy imbalances that could lead to problems
  • Learn the secret art and science of manifestation
  • Find and seal your energy leaks, stop bleeding your energy away
  • Discover where you energy is repelling your clients and how to attract them
  • Find out how to change your energy so you magnetise to you
  • How to strengthen, focus and direct your energy to increase your success
  • Learn a unique manifestation formula that guarantees success 'only' 90% of the time

Masterclass #2: Silent Mind MeditationSilent Mind Meditation

Listen to this masterclass and find out exactly what silent meditation is. In reality what most people think of as meditating is NOT. Learn how to...

  • Avoid the most common mistakes that people make when trying to meditate. This is why most people give up or think they can’t meditate.
  • Find the perfect meditation type for YOU. Not the teachers favourite. And learn how to adapt it for you and to fit your lifestyle.
  • Meditate with and without seed – the key to manifestation and problem solving.
  • Access deeper and altered states of consciousness.

Masterclass #3: Emotional ResilienceEmotional Resilience

This audio explains why emotions are THE most important aspect of your mindset. Plus...

  • How to use your emotions to harness success
  • The THREE things most people do wrong when dealing with painful emotions
  • Exactly how your emotions are effecting your energy and health
  • Why positive thinking will NEVER work to release negative emotions (and why it can actually make things WORSE)
  • How to bounce back from emotional trauma or from a big blow or setback

Masterclass #4: Perceiving Auras

Perceiving AurasThis masterclass covers some of the most basic questions about auras, like: "What colour should it be?", "What do the colours mean?", "How big should an aura be?" as well as explaining...

  • The different layers and levels of the aura.
  • How to perceive an aura – enhance your sensory perception and ability to perceive both objectively and subjectively.
  • How to conduct a full aura scan.
  • How to clean and energise your aura – doing this will make you instantly more attractive to positive experiences, people and even money.
  • What area the myths and misconceptions around interpreting auras and their meaning.
  • How to expand your awareness so that you can sense beyond your body. This little known technique enables you to increase your personal presence and charisma by connecting deeply with others.


Special Bonus #3: "Secret Science of the Psychic" Audio CD. Approx 60 mins AUDIO Training and Inspiration. (Value £47)

Includes all this, and more...

  • What the different kinds of psychic can (and can't) do
  • How best to use the different kinds of psychic / which one you could be
  • If you are an Empath / Medium / one of the 'Clairs' / Direct / High Level Psychic
  • The 6 biggest myths about psychic development
  • The single biggest mistake people make when trying to develop their psychic abilities and how you can avoid it
  • How to become a high level psychic
  • How to increase your connection to source
  • How to open your 3rd eye and increase your clairvoyance
  • How to receive direct messages from your personal spirit guides


Lisa's Personal Guarantee

GuaranteeBecause I’m confident that when you listen to the 'Harness the Energy of the 2012 Shift' programme and when you follow the steps and do the work, you will start noticing changes in your energy, your emotions and your life straight away...

You’re protected by my 60 day money back guarantee

If after 60 days you feel that you are not happy with the materials, you can just let me know. I’ll return your money, less a modest £50 book keeping administrative fee.

Please note: if you choose to take a refund you will be required to return the 4 audio CDs, all the workbooks and printed materials, plus the 'Integrity of Energy' DVD, but you'll be free to keep the "Secret Science of the Psychic" CD.


Are you ready to register, or do you have a few more questions?

It’s important to me you feel completely comfortable before moving forward. Below are a few of the common questions I get asked all of the time and my answers.

Q: Is this energy stuff really the kind of thing you can learn online?

YES! With the throat chakra open we can share, explore, learn and journey together. I tap into a high vibrational energy which transcends time and space so of course you can bask in this through the internet.

All evolution is an inner journey, I’ll simply be the tour guide, although I'm a pretty experienced tour guide these days! I know how to harness source energy so that I can support you and the group. Pretty soon you and the group will be riding on its waves. It will be great!

Q: I’ve done a lot of work on myself, am spiritual and can already communicate with my spirit guides will I learn anything new?
A: Yes. I believe you will — and here’s why. My classes consistently help people to focus in on EXACTLY what they need. So wherever you have gaps, whatever tiny (or huge) blocks you have left, this programme will help you to find them. Let’s face it — if you were truly ascended — you wouldn’t still need to exist in physical form, so you still have some learning to do.
Q: I’m not sure it’s the right time. I’ve got so much going on in my life right now. I think I need to wait till things settle down.

Having a lot going on is a sign that you are already being impacted by the higher vibrational energy. That’s why you need this programme so that you can handle it. The truth is that unless you attune yourself this new energy, things will only happen faster and faster and you will find yourself struggling more and more. Sorry if that sounds scary, but that is what my guides keep telling me and why I’m doing what I do.

Q: I can’t afford it.
A: Personally I don’t think you can afford not to. Attuning yourself to higher vibrational energy INCREASES your wealth, and personally I believe you are worth it, and if you don’t — that’s a block you might want to release as you work through the programme.

So are you ready to get started? Place your order TODAY and your personal transformation is just around the corner.

Yes, Lisa!
I want to Harness the Energy of the 2012 Shift

For just £297 (approx US$398) I understand I’m getting:
Four audio modules in both MP3 and CD format...
Module 1: Clear Your Karma
Module 2: Open Your Chakras
Module 3: ESP – Essential Sensory Perception
Module 4: Activate Your Kundalini
A set of 4 workbooks - one for each audio module
Module 5 DVD: Integrity of Energy
Access to the Psycademy 'Harness the Energy' forum
PLUS…   I receive THREE FREE special bonuses:
Two months membership in the Spiritual Entrepreneur Mastermind, an online community dedicated to my spiritual development, personal evolution and success. (Value £94)
Four of your most popular Masterclasses to download. Approx 4 hours of AUDIO Training and Inspiration. (Value £188)
"Secret Science of the Psychic" Audio CD. Approx 60 mins AUDIO Training and Inspiration. (Value £47)

And I'm completely covered by your personal guarantee

If I'm not completely happy with the materials, I have 60 whole days to get my money back.

Pay in full now...
and I get all this for the extremely low price of £297
(approx US$398)

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So are you ready to get started? Book yourself onto this course TODAY and get ready to harness the powerful energy waves of the 2012 shift both for your own benefit and for the good of the planet.

To your success,

Lisa Turner

Dr. Lisa Turner

P.S. I urge you not to wait any longer before you learn to deal with all the ongoing effects of the 2012 energy shift. Now is the perfect time to be working with these concepts and this energy. Now is the perfect time to be making decisions. If you don't do this now, then when?

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